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Drawing a Dialogue, Episode 20: Comics + Academia, Our Work


Drawing a Dialogue, Episode 20: Comics + Academia, Our Work

Cathy G. Johnson

Artwork by e jackson.

Artwork by e jackson.

Drawing a Dialogue is a podcast discussing comics in historical + educational contexts by Cathy G. Johnson + e remus jackson.

Episode 20: On Drawing a Dialogue’s 20th episode, Cathy + e share their personal histories as working cartoonists in academic settings. Cathy talks about her new graphic novel “The Breakaways,” and how her work as an artist + educator informed the book. e talks about their current research + scholarship practice as a University of Florida PhD student.

Contact:, Twitter

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Episode Links:

  • Cruising Utopia, José Estaban Muñoz, 2009 - NYU Press

  • Books by autistic authors - I couldn’t find the exact list that I was thinking about, but here are a couple: Geek Club Books, GoodReads

  • Justice in America Episode 20: Mariame Kaba and Prison Abolition - The Appeal

  • Mariame Kaba’s website - Link

Letters to the Editor

  • Motherteacher, Redding S. Sugg, University of Virginia Press, 1978

  • “The School Days of an Indian Girl”, Zitkala-Sa, in American Indian Stories, Hayworth Publishing House, 1921 - UPenn

  • jes skolnik - Twitter

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