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Drawing a Dialogue, Episode 24: Rubrics + Grading


Drawing a Dialogue, Episode 24: Rubrics + Grading

Cathy G. Johnson

Artwork by e jackson.

Artwork by e jackson.

Drawing a Dialogue is a podcast discussing comics in historical + educational contexts by Cathy G. Johnson + remus jackson.

Episode 24: Cathy + remus talk about grading in schools + universities. What is the history of giving students grades? What is their purpose + pitfalls? Cathy + remus discuss how all grades are subjective, talk about different standards that can be used + share various approaches and methods.

Contact:, Twitter

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Episode Links:

  • “On the “Uses” of Rubrics: Reframing the Great Rubric Debate”, Eric D. Turley and Chris W. Gallagher, 2008 - JStor

  • “The Hillegas-Thorndike Scale for Measurement of Quality in English Composition by Young People”, Franklin W. Johnson, The School Review 1913

  • A scale for the measurement of quality in English composition by young people, Milo Burdette Hillegas, 1912 - Link

  • “The Three Roles of Assessment: Gatekeeping, Accountability, and Instructional Diagnosis”, Philip Nagy, 2000, Canadian Journal of Education

  • “Assessment and Accountability”, Robert Linn, 2000, Educational Researcher

  • “No Child Left Behind? Sociology Ignored!” David Karen, 2005, Sociology of Education

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