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Drawing a Dialogue, Episode 10: The Canon


Drawing a Dialogue, Episode 10: The Canon

Cathy G. Johnson

Artwork by e jackson.

Artwork by e jackson.

Drawing a Dialogue is a podcast discussing comics in historical + educational contexts by Cathy G. Johnson + e remus jackson.

Episode 10: In this episode, Cathy + e examine the art historical idea of “the canon.” They discuss definitions of the word, the history of the practice, canonization’s criticisms, and how comics are understood within the framework. 

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  • Correction: In this section, Cathy mixes up the words "horizontal" and "vertical;" Piotrowski's call is for a horizontal art history, where a vertical one has a hierarchy, horizontal does not.

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Letters to the editor:

  • Zine Collection at the Sarah Doyle Women's Center at Brown University - Link

  • Speak graphic novel by Laurie Halse Anderson + Emily Carroll - Macmillan

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