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Book Posts - Satoko and Nada: Volume 1


Book Posts - Satoko and Nada: Volume 1

Cathy G. Johnson


Cathy G.'s Book Posts

Book recommendations for young readers, educators + caregivers!

Satoko and Nada: Volume 1, by Yupechika, 180 pages, Seven Seas Entertainment, 2018

Age Recommendation: Teen. But I think middle-graders will get a lot out of it, too!

Intro: Satoko is a Japanese student studying in America, and she gets a surprise when meeting her new roommate, Nada! Nada is also an international student but from Saudi Arabia, and she’s Muslim. Satoko and Nada is a wonderful comic about cultural similarities and differences, and keeping an open mind about new friendships!

Written in a four-panel comic-strip style, each page of Satoko and Nada engages in a new cultural topic from the perspectives of a Muslim woman and a Japanese woman. It is a charming, funny and engaging book.

Why This Book?

Learning about Islam: Satoko and Nada shows its readers the day-to-day life of a Muslim woman through a fun and entertaining lens. Nada explains to Satoko why her faith is not oppressive to her, showing her own viewpoint on Islamic practices. In turn, Satoko shares her Japanese cultural background with Nada, and the two women give a fun outside perspective on the United States of America.

Female Friendships: The friendship between Nada and Satoko is cheeky and endearing. Nada is very feminine, loving fashion and makeup, and shares these interests with Satoko. The two of them empower each other while studying abroad in a foreign country. Satoko and Nada is about women independently supporting each other in new and exciting experiences!

Should I Read It?: The multiple cultural lenses, joke comic-strip format, and feminism of Satoko and Nada make it a wonderful and charming read for anyone!