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Filtering by Tag: People of Color

Book Posts - Satoko and Nada: Volume 1

Cathy G. Johnson

Satoko is a Japanese student studying in America, and she gets a surprise when meeting her new roommate, Nada! Nada is also an international student but from Saudi Arabia, and she’s Muslim. Satoko and Nada is a wonderful comic about cultural similarities and differences, and keeping an open mind about new friendships!

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Drawing a Dialogue, Episode 15: Jackie Ormes, Her Comics + the Black Press

Cathy G. Johnson

In this episode, Cathy + e create a biography for Jackie Ormes. Born in 1911, Ormes was a cartoonist, reporter, fashion designer and community organizer during an important century of American history. Cathy + e discuss the seminal role Ormes had in the black press during a pre-civil rights movement America, notably challenging derogatory caricatures of black women of the time.

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Drawing a Dialogue, Episode 12: History of Racism + Physiognomy in Cartooning

Cathy G. Johnson

In the longest episode yet, Cathy + e present research on how racism affected the development of the visual language of cartooning. Spanning the 1700s to today, this episode explores the history of art education, caricature and how-to-draw books, and maps the history of minstrelsy in America, creating connections that informed early cartooning. In-depth research offers multiple samples of primary sources, including the art of “physiognomy,” the pseudoscience of judging character from facial features.

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